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Teton Dam benefits don’t justify costs, say ecologists
   September 28, 1976

  by Chris Dunagan


Environmental Council cites Teton Dam flaws
   December 14, 1976



No evidence found to support 1976 conclusion
   June 13, 1978



Flood left residents awed, numb
   June 02, 1986

  by Rebecca Thompson


Teton Dam site a haunting place
   September 18, 1988

  by Tony Huegel


Panel will ‘look at’ rebuilding failed dam
   October 12, 1988

  by Associated Press


Lawmakers gauge opinion on Teton Dam rebuild
   November 23, 1988

  by Cathy Koon


Skeptical of Study
   September 08, 1991

  by editorial


Teton Dam Proponents throw in the towel on rebuilding efforts
   November 06, 1995

  by Dan Egan


Our View
   June 02, 1996

  by Gene Fadness


River Revisited: Study looks at possibility of returning Teton Canyon to its pre-flood condition
   June 05, 1997

  by Warren Cornwall


The Teton: To fix, or not to fix, a broken river
   August 12, 1999

  by Rob Thornberry


Teton Dam failure was in the materials used in construction
   October 06, 1999

  by Barry Ginter

Oral Histories

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   Conn Bauer
   Donna Webster
   Elda H. Smith
   Ivan Abegglen
   Janet Hibbert
   Joseph Francis Belnap
   Karen Staker
   Louise Price
   lvie Potter
   Robyn Layton
   Verla Shirley

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One Short Day
   June 01, 1977
   Dawna Derr

Bill to Uncle Sam
   June 01, 1977
   (Withheld at request of author)